Payment Gateway and Online Payments - News


New Functions

Payment Gateway

  • We decided to use the options of payment gateway PAYS and we have implemented the online payments into the system.
  • We currently support
    • Debit cards
    • PayPal
    • QR payments – money transfers
  • The fees for the organisers and the beneficiaries vary from 1,5% to 5% depending on the selected payment method
  • The payments are currently available only for tournaments and only in the cases the organiser chooses this way of payment
  • In the near future, we intend to implement it also for membership payments - both new and renewed

Another New Options

  • We enabled different setting of tournament pricelists so that an organiser has more options of defining prices
  • For each tournament, a player selects the currency and the payment method they want to use and the system calculates the amount of the tournament starting fee
  • In case the payment gateway (i.e. online payment) is selected, the page is after registration redirected to payment gateway where the player can use the selected payment method

For the Events’ Organisers

  • Changes in the pricelists necessary for correct price calculation and the option of selecting online payments
  • Facilitating of sending confirmation e-mails after due receipt of the incoming payment
  • Facilitating of blocking editing and changes of payment information for a player registered for tournament in case of selecting payment method
  • Automated player registration confirmation after due payment of starting fee through online payment

Clubs and Club Memberships

  • Introducing the status “Cancelled Membership”
  • Introducing the option “Request on Player Transfer from Club A to Club B”
  • Change of displaying in the member list for a club - introducing the status “Cancelled Membership” – this way of displaying is also adjusted at the club pages – i.e. etc.

New Sport TeqBall

  • In cooperation with the newly established association for TeqBall in the Czech Republic, we introduced the new type of sport into the system – TeqBall
  • Concurrently, we created the main website for this association – completely interlinked with our portal

We Introduced the New Interlinked Websites at


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