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Category information

League name Česká fotbalgolfová liga [CFGL]
Name CFGL Team 2018
Order 11
Max.players 999
Min. team player count 4
Max. team player count 99
No. of substitutes 0
Are all statuses counted? Yes
If not, only statuses REG, P, F, WPO, MC-3, MC-2 a MC-1 are counted. Otherwise statuses DNQ, DNF, DSQ, DNS are counted too
Generated for countries? No
Teams in category will be generated by countries of individual players.
Closed? Yes
Note -- not filled --

Basic calculation setting

Age from 9
Age till 99
Sex mix
Team type Foursome
Team way Each for one's self (result is the sum in team)
Use handicap No

Ranking type and setting

Name Ranking CFGA teams - best 6 results
Way of marking calculation Due to points
Way of ranking calculation The best x results (due to max. points)
Count of best results 6
Each stage separately? Yes
Total count within one stage?
Result reset for stage? Yes
Each stage counted separately?
Loss of points included? No
Loss of points included for previous seasons?
Handicap (kicks) for sex? mix
Handicap (kicks) 0.00 %
Handicap for chosen sex - i.e. at calculation for a team the final count of kicks is increased/decreased for given sex which changes the final score.

Category players


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