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Základní informace

Název hřiště FootGolf Footee
Sport Footgolf
Stav hřiště V provozu
Počet jamek 18
Obtížnost hřiště FUN
Par 70
Délka hřiště 1933 (m)
Zkratka FGF


Provozovatel Footee
Mobil 087 395 2548
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Adresa Ballinascorney Tallaght 41031
Stát Irsko
Mobil 087 395 2548
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Bližší informace

footee is the newest and coolest top class novelty sports game that blends two of the world's best and most popular sports - football and golf. Footee is the first and best Footgolf course in Ireland.

Footgolf is a competitive, skilful and addictive sports game that mixes the passion and strength of football with the elegance and tradition of golf.

Footgolf is played on a golf course by individuals or in groups but instead of swinging golf clubs and hitting golf balls, players kick footballs. The game rules are identical to golf - each hole carries a par and the aim is to get the football in to the (bigger) hole on each green in as few shots as possible.

Situated in Tallaght just off the M50, footee is for people of all ages and fitness levels, males and females, young and old.



Monday to Sunday, 10am - 7pm (last Kick-Off time is at 7pm)

WINTER OPENING TIMES (From November 1st):
Saturdays & Sundays, from 10am - 3pm (last Kick-Off time is at 3pm).
Closed midweek except for group/party bookings.




Mon - Fri




Sat - Sun




Footballs can be rented at footee for €2 or you can of course bring your own!

Kids rates apply to anyone generally under the age of 18.

Parents are not required to accompany kids around the course but they are more than welcome
to walk the course and enjoy the beautiful scenery at their leisure.



Seznam jamek

Číslo: 1
Par: 5
Délka: 239 (m)
Číslo: 2
Par: 4
Délka: 123 (m)
Číslo: 3
Par: 4
Délka: 108 (m)
Číslo: 4
Par: 3
Délka: 55 (m)
Číslo: 5
Par: 3
Délka: 54 (m)
Číslo: 6
Par: 3
Délka: 42 (m)
Číslo: 7
Par: 5
Délka: 145 (m)
Číslo: 8
Par: 4
Délka: 122 (m)
Číslo: 9
Par: 3
Délka: 38 (m)
Číslo: 10
Par: 3
Délka: 80 (m)
Číslo: 11
Par: 4
Délka: 124 (m)
Číslo: 12
Par: 4
Délka: 91 (m)
Číslo: 13
Par: 4
Délka: 135 (m)
Číslo: 14
Par: 5
Délka: 165 (m)
Číslo: 15
Par: 4
Délka: 106 (m)
Číslo: 16
Par: 3
Délka: 64 (m)
Číslo: 17
Par: 4
Délka: 106 (m)
Číslo: 18
Par: 5
Délka: 136 (m)

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