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Základní informace

Název hřiště Footgolf Ptuj (old)
Sport Footgolf
Stav hřiště Zrušeno
Počet jamek 18
Obtížnost hřiště FUN
Par 72
Délka hřiště 2416 (m)
Zkratka FGP


Provozovatel Footgolf klub Ptuj
Mobil -- nevyplněno --
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Adresa Mlinska cesta 13 2250
Stát Slovinsko
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Bližší informace

FootGolf is a new sport in Slovenia. It is a combination of football and golf. The game is played the same way as golf – on a golf course with 18 holes, except players use a football instead of a golf ball and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club. It is an excellent opportunity to attract a new audience to smoothly mown golf courses.

FootGolf was first introduced in Europe in 2009. From 2012 on it is an organised sport. In the world of football and golf it was soon recognised as a rapidly growing new sport and at the same time as a very interesting tourism product. The game is accessible to all generations. It is also becoming increasingly popular among women. It is a great way to spend some active time with your family.

Organisers of business conferences promote FootGolf as a form of relaxation, fun and team building. For many former world-class football players, FootGolf is a new way of spending time. They can catch up with their old friends on numerous European FootGolf tournaments. Former football stars Frank and Roland de Boer, Sylvain Wiltord, Juan Veron and Roy Makaay are all ambassadors of FootGolf.


Seznam jamek

Číslo: 1
Par: 4
Délka: 117 (m)
Číslo: 2
Par: 4
Délka: 138 (m)
Číslo: 3
Par: 5
Délka: 201 (m)
Číslo: 4
Par: 4
Délka: 158 (m)
Číslo: 5
Par: 3
Délka: 91 (m)
Číslo: 6
Par: 4
Délka: 160 (m)
Číslo: 7
Par: 3
Délka: 84 (m)
Číslo: 8
Par: 5
Délka: 199 (m)
Číslo: 9
Par: 4
Délka: 170 (m)
Číslo: 10
Par: 4
Délka: 98 (m)
Číslo: 11
Par: 4
Délka: 102 (m)
Číslo: 12
Par: 5
Délka: 207 (m)
Číslo: 13
Par: 5
Délka: 187 (m)
Číslo: 14
Par: 4
Délka: 137 (m)
Číslo: 15
Par: 4
Délka: 100 (m)
Číslo: 16
Par: 4
Délka: 114 (m)
Číslo: 17
Par: 3
Délka: 78 (m)
Číslo: 18
Par: 3
Délka: 75 (m)

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