Principles relating to processing of personal data



  • By this document, we would like to provide you with the information on your rights relating to the processing of your personal data, which may occur by visit, using and registration at our website within course of trade with the company M square s.r.o., registration No. 291 92 285, with registered office at Příkop 843/4, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno, enrolled in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Brno, section C, inlet No. 64517, and occasionally in other cases like visiting our Facebook or Google+ pages.
  • The administrator of the website and the contents of our social media is the company M square s.r.o. established in the Czech Republic.
  • Please note that this document will be updated on regular basis.
  • You can be sure that we take protection of your personal data seriously. While processing your data, we follow the laws in force and only to the extent of the given purpose of the processing. Your data is protected to the maximum extent provided by the available technology.
  • Your data is processed only to the extent necessary for given purpose, on the base of law and for the time necessary for the achievement of the given purpose. After the purpose is fulfilled, we can further process your data for other purposes but prior to that, you will always get informed.
  • When processing your data, we always act in the way to protect your personal data to the maximum extent so that it cannot be misused. Your data is processed both automatically and manually. On our side, there are no automated decisions, i.e. decisions based exclusively on automated processing which would have legal effects on you or which would affect you in a substantial way.
  • We would be glad if you read the information we hereby provide thoroughly and got acquainted herewith. We tried to make the information as comprehensible as possible. Nevertheless, should you have questions about anything not clear, we will answer any of those.
  • For this purpose, please contact use at e-mail or in writing at our address Příkop 843/4, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno.
  • In case you do not agree with the way we process your data, you can apply to the supervisory body which is, in the Czech Republic:
    • Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Personal Data Protection Agency), Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7
    • tel.: 234 665 111, web:


  • The controller of your personal data is the company M square s.r.o., registration No. 291 92 285, with registered office at Příkop 843/4, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. In case you are registered at our portal and you use the services of related associations, event organisers, clubs, courses etc., then your data is controlled by these subjects too in relation with the particular event.
  • All the related subjects’ contacts can be found at the website at the page gScore Personal Data Controller List.
  • As the data controller, we collect and process your data and we are responsible for the data processing to be legitimate and in accordance with law.


  • At the website, we use the web analytics tools (Google Analytics and cookies), which automatically obtain your IP address predominantly. Please acknowledge that the data obtained via analytics tools are not necessarily personal data because even the combination of such data need not identify you.
  • Analytics tools are used to increase the productivity of our website, i.e. to optimise the processes, the way of displaying data and technical optimisation.
  • Please note that the company Google already introduced the new rules for personal data protection. You can find the details here:
  • If you don’t want the company Google to collect and use the data acquired via analytics tools, you can download the browser plug-in you can find here:
  • At the website, we also use cookies for the purpose of facilitating more simple work with the portal for its users. The cookies are small text files the websites store into your browser or mobile device at the moment you start to use the website. We certainly ask for your consent to use the cookies first.
  • Most of the website browsers accept cookie files by default. In the setting of your browser you can block the cookie files or you can set your browser to inform you at the moment these files are sent to your device.


  • The purpose of portal is predominantly providing you as players (and sports events’ organisers or sports venues’ operators) high quality services in the field of sports, clubs and courses including registration for events, recording results, evaluation of achievements, tracking player history and others. Our aim is to connect a player with sports clubs, associations, courses and organisers in the simplest possible way, to simplify registrations and participation in sports events and to provide for the transparent recording of results from sports events a player participates in.
  • The details on portal and you can find the conditions for use at:
  • If you want us to provide you with all the available services, we need you to register at our website. To create a player profile at the website it is necessary to give us our identification, address and descriptive data. All of the data you are asked to give us for the purpose of creating your profile at our portal are required to fulfil the purpose you submit the data for.
  • If you create the player profile, you can voluntarily add further data which is not the obligatory part of the registration and it is only up to you if you take the opportunity to increase your user comfort. You can also supplement your profile with links to your websites or social networks.
  • Please note that some of the affiliated associations, clubs or courses request also your birth number and address of residence for due member registration.
  • In case you are younger than 16 years, then in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation you shall be provided with increased data protection and therefore it is necessary that your legal representative expressed their consent to your registration. Without their consent it is not possible to complete your registration.
  • In case you successfully register at our portal, you can use the full range of our services. We can make an agreement on you becoming a tournament, course or association administrator etc. If that happens, you will have access to all necessary data so that you can participate in the activities agreed upon.
  • Please acknowledge that there are some of your basic personal data freely accessible at the portal (name, surname, year of birth, state, city, sex, photograph) which happens particularly because of keeping sports score overviews.
  • If you are already our registered user, you may receive an e-mail with information on new tournaments, new rules within individual associations, clubs or courses and if you had participate in a tournament or other sports event, we will send you an e-mail with tournament results and thanks for being a part of it. Such e-mails do not serve as business messages as they are only information messages; nevertheless, if you do not wish to receive this type of e-mails anyway, you can convey the message to the e-mail anytime.
  • You can delete your player profile anytime. Should you do so, we have no right to process your personal data anymore. Your data is processed only for the limitation period of possible claims arising from our legal relationship (legitimate statutory reason) in accordance with the applicable law of the Czech Republic. The data which is not necessary to be processed after the limitation period under Czech law in force is destroyed without undue delay.
  • Please note that even after your deregistration some of your personal data is processed (to limited extent), which happens for statistics purposes – player sports history, results. If we removed such data, an unwanted change to existing results would happen. In case you entirely disagree even with this type of processing after deregistration, please contact us by e-mail at, and we will facilitate pseudonymisation or anonymisation of your data for you.


  • The organisers of sports events create a tournament at our portal and they let you register for the tournament in electronic way. To make your registration for a tournament easier, the system prefills the data you have provided for the registration at our portal. The tournament registration is then completed when confirmed by clicking a link we will send you by e-mail after your login for the tournament.
  • As soon as you confirm you will participate in the tournament, we will send you an e-mail with the given tournament details.
  • Following your login for the tournament, your data is processed by the given sports event organiser for the purpose of the activities connected with the event organisation.


  • If you register through our portal for any sports event, please note that there may be photographs taken at such events (and videos too) on the course of the event, and they can by placed at our social networks.
  • If you wish to take part in such event being aware of the situation, we reckon you gave your consent to share your appearance by participating in the event; as you are aware of the circumstances, you can reasonably expect that the images would be shared by our company (only for the aforesaid purposes).
  • As there are many people taking part in such events, it is not technically possible to make sure that your portrait is in no way captured in case of your disagreement.
  • We do not intend to misuse your portrait in any way. If you completely disagree with any display of your portrait, please do not take part in our events for the sake of your personality rights.
  • If you participate in a sports event organised by our affiliated subjects, you are registered at the portal but you did not register for the event as registered user, your results would be paired with your existing user account after the end of the event; you hereby avoid the necessity to enter your results manually which makes you more comfortable.
  • If you participate in a sports event organised by our affiliated subjects and you are not registered at the portal yet, we can create an account for you automatically and send the access data to the e-mail you submit. In such a case you are entitled to refuse the registration or deregister anytime.


  • We want to be in touch with you and bring you the news from the world of our portal and also inform you on sport events that are about to come. For this purpose we have not only the website, but also social network profiles you can find at these links:
  • Our social network links can be also found on our website. If you are interested in following us on social networks, the only thing you need to do is to activate following our profiles within the setting of the given network. You can log off or cancel the following of our profiles at any network anytime.
  • If you follow us on social networks, please take note that we do not process your data in any way. Social networks only serve as the source of information for you.
  • Only the administrators of individual social networks are responsible for accepting and respecting the principles of your personal data protection.


  • Primarily, your personal data is not shared with anyone. The only exception are the subjects registered at the portal as controllers. They can be sports associations, courses, clubs and possibly other subjects whom you can find listed here gScore Personal Data Controller List.
  • The controllers need your data to process your tournament or club registration (including related actions) and this type of sharing is necessary for the functioning of our portal as a whole and for your user comfort. All of the controllers have accepted the principles of personal data protection and they have adopted appropriate technical and organisational precautions with the purpose of your data protection.
  • Overwhelming majority of the controllers are active in the EU member states. Should there be any controller subject residing in a third country (not a member of the EU), we would prior to their registration as controller request providing the same level of personal data protection as is provided by the EU member countries.


  • As the purpose of the portal is to interconnect players and controllers (associations, clubs, courses, events) and to facilitate their mutual communication, after consultation with us you may become registered as a controller. If you do so, please take note that in accordance with our contractual relationship we shall process the necessary data for the purpose of meeting the conditions of our contract.
  • We process your data only for the period of our contractual relationship. After its end your data is processed for the limitation period of possible claims arising from our legal relationship (legitimate statutory reason) in accordance with the applicable law of the Czech Republic. The data which is not necessary to be processed after the limitation period under Czech law in force is destroyed without undue delay.


  • In some cases it is necessary for us to enter into contract – it may be for providing services or other cases where you have a contractual relationship with us. For the period of our contractual relationship we shall process your data for the purpose of performance of the contract. In some cases it is also prescribed by provisions of law. After the end of our contractual relationship your data is processed for the limitation period of possible claims arising from our legal relationship (legitimate statutory reason) in accordance with the applicable law of the Czech Republic. The data which is not necessary to be processed after the limitation period under Czech law in force is destroyed without undue delay.


  • In case you contact us for any reason, we need to process your data for the time necessary to solve the issue you came up with; in particular we process your contact data in such case. As soon as the issue is solved, there is no longer a reason to process your data (unless other relation occurs between us).
  • The e-mails we receive from you are deleted regularly so that we don’t keep your data for time longer than necessary for processing your requests.


  • We process your personal data only in case some of the following occurs:
    • You gave us consent to process your personal data; it is always a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of your agreement which always includes information on the possibility to withdraw your consent anytime;
    • The processing is necessary for meeting the performance of the contract we entered into;
    • The processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligation;
    • The processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of you or another natural person;
    • There is our legitimate interest in the processing.


  • You have the right to request confirmation of personal data relating to you being (not) processed.
  • Should you not find all the information in this document, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail


  • You have the right to request rectification of incorrect personal data or completion of incomplete personal data relating to you.
  • If you consider your data is processed as incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request restriction of processing such data for the time before the situation is cleared; you may request restriction of processing your data also in case you consider that your data is being processed unlawfully or that we have no longer reason to process them, at the


  • You have the right to request erasure of personal data related to you without undue delay, if you consider that we have no longer reason to process your personal data, if you withdraw your consent given to processing or in case you consider that your data is being processed unlawfully.
  • The erasure of your personal data is not possible in case that your personal data processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligation prescribed by the law of the EU and the Czech Republic or in case that your personal data processing is necessary for archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historical research, statistics purposes and for determining, exercising or protecting your legal rights. The request for erasure can be submitted via the e-mail


  • You have the right to obtain the personal data relating to you, which you provided us, in structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and you also have the right to hand such data over to another controller on request submitted via the e-mail


  • We have adopted and we go on adopting organisational, technical, administrative and security precautions so that your data protection is as affective as possible in order to prevent accidental, unlawful or unauthorised damage, loss, alteration, disclosure or usage of your data.
This document is in force from 25th May 2018.

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