Website Creating and Administration


Basic information

  • We save website administrators’ time and facilitate the simple and complex administration of sporting events
  • We provide you with simple way of creating websites for
    • courses
    • Portals for pooling multiple courses
      • Serve as a portal pooling complex information at one place – a junction for all footballgolf courses in CR, SR etc.
      • examples
    • Associations
      • Webpages for publishing information for the association members, recruitment of members incl. fully automatized link to gScore
      • Articles, courses registered by the association, official clubs, members incl. information on valid membership
      • Facilitate keeping the ranking issued by the association with the option of separation for years and categories
      • A list of official tournaments is a must - including the option of registration or displaying results
      • examples
    • Tournaments and annual tournaments
      • We are working on
    • Clubs, club pages and information
      • Serve for presenting a club registered at gScore portal
      • Option of using and administrating news, galleries and banners
      • The other information is automatically interlinked with the gScore system – team members, club teams, nominations for individual league annual tournaments, complete official tournament results, member trainings
      • examples
    • Individual player profiles
      • Providing direct link to player profile – tournaments, trainings, results, statistics
      • Contents – banners, articles, photo-galleries and video-galleries
      • Option of using PayPal Donate
      • examples
  • All website types can be implemented via graphic templates or with individual graphics – it is fully up to the requirements
  • All websites are directly interlinked with gScore portal and it is not necessary to take care of updating or data exports-imports
    • i.e. registrations from tournament website are entered directly to gScore
    • on the opposite, the results entered via mobile app are displayed directly on the individual websites
  • Full website administration is facilitated directly through gScore portal
  • We support various language versions
  • We provide complete website and e-mail hosting incl. domain administration
  • We provide SSL certificates

You will find other information in these sections

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