New Functions and Options of the Portal

Step by step, we will introduce news, new functions and options of the whole portal and its mobile version - Should you have any request on the portal improvement or you find any imperfection, please let us know through the contact page. Thank you.


February modifications and changes in gScore
We have added several interesting modifications for registration, gScore administration and tournament result calculations.


New payment gateway - we save fees!
We implemented a new payment gateway Comgate, into our payment system, which significantly reduced our fees. Try it out!


Promo codes - discount for tournament registration
We have created an option for organizers to manage promo codes and use them to give players a discount on the entry fee.


Minor changes, fixes and new ways to display...and a new sport!
We fixed several bugs and added new ways to display results and launched a new sport.


New way to calculate team competition
We have just added a new option to the tournament management to calculate the team competition and that is the combination of results from individual categories...


Possibility to set the validity of the entry fee according to age
We have just added a new option to the tournament management to set the starting price calculation...


Addition to the process for transfers in clubs
We have added payment records for club transfers. A connection to incoming bank payments has also been added.


A new principle of approach to tournament management
Existing accesses are defined to the administrator or system administrator who is connected to the customer. Currently, at the request of clients, we have created a new type of access - tournament administrator. This right will only be associated with a registered player - i.e. it does not have to be a gScore client...


Tournament registration waiting list
We have created a completely new way of registration for you - the option of a waiting list...


A new way of counting tournament results - Eclectic
We have created a new way of calculating for tournaments using Eclectic. We were inspired by the ranking principle and a similar calculation can be implemented directly in the tournament...
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