Courses and matches


Course administration, one-to-one matches

Basic information

  • Write us for getting an access to the administration of courses, matches and tournaments, use the help of the page Contact us
  • For sending the access codes by our administrator, the user can register to the portal
  • After login it is possible
    • create and administrate your own course
    • create and administrate matches on your own course
    • create and administrate tournaments on your own course – see the section Organizing tournaments

Administration of your own course

  • basic data of the course – an address, an administrator, contact details, a map, a logo
  • efficiency and difficulty of the course
  • price lists for players - dependancy on a league and registrated players
  • creating a complete green including inserting pictures, a definition of length and par

Creating and administration of matches (flights)

  • one-to-one or team matches (teams sized 2-6 players)
  • creating players for a match
    • a registration of a player at a reception – a long-term account – a possibility of a complete history for a player
    • entry of an anonymous player – one-off matter
    • a choice from existing registrated players – for example with the help of a league card etc...
    • a record of payments from players
      • it is possible to record income payments for using a course for players
      • it is possible to apply discounts for registered players
      • it is possible to apply prices on a course – for example for families with children, pensioners, etc... an arbitrary number of players in a game
    • every player obtains a code to the mobile application
  • definition of a recorder for a match
    • in case each player doesn´t have his own mobile device, or doesn´t want to use it, it is possible to solve it by having one player who records everybody´s results
    • after finishing all holes each player confirms his recorded results by second code which was given only to him while starting the game
  • in case of need it is possible that an administrator can change, add and/or cancel recorded results for each player
    • after one result
    • with the help of collective entering
    • all changes are recorded, including the information who executed these changes
  • it is possible to state a scratch of a game to a player, also with a note
  • depict progress and results of a match on-line on the internet or at a course´s reception – for example a screen on the wall, projecting screen, etc...
  • print of results for players of the match
  • sending match results by e-mail – for example in pdf format
  • then a match itself can be a part of a tournament

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