Digital cards


Connection of gScore and YourPass digital cards

  • Using system YourPass to issue digital cards, which can easily be available on your mobile phone
  • We support Android and iOS operating systems
  • We will gradually support all the functionalities of our portal so that we keep you informed immediately and with the appropriate comfort
  • We allow the issuance of these types of digital cards
    • membership cards
    • general cards
    • cards linked to issued vouchers - discount coupons, tournament tickets, etc...

Digital membership card

  • We already issue digital cards for several associations associated with gScore - e.g. . Česká fotbalgolfová a footgolfová asociace, World Footballgolf Association, Slovenská FootGolfová Asociácia o.z., Federação Portuguesa de FootGolf, Fomento Español de FootGolf, and more
  • Every member with a properly paid membership will receive this digital card, which they can upload to their phone
  • It will have all this information at its disposal and we are gradually adding it
  • Front of the card
    • Name
    • Photo
    • ID
    • Registration date
      • The next tournament you have registered for.
    • 🔔 NEXT MATCH
      • As soon as the matches for your next tournament have been drawn, you will see the date and time of the next match in this tournament on the front side. If there is a change in the time of the match, you will see this change marked❗
  • Back side
      • Notice of the next unplayed tournament match - course, tournament, date and time, hole and a link to record the results on the website with a pre-filled code for write the results. As soon as you start playing the match, the notification for the next match will be exchanged in the order of the time drawn.
      • The nearest tournament you have registered for with a link to the registration detail.
      • As soon as you play a tournament match and confirm the results in the gScore mobile application, your results of the match itself will be uploaded to your digital card and you can then view the details of the entire match using the link provided.
      • Once the tournament closes, the digital results will record the final results of each category in the last tournament with the ability to print a report with the results - just click on the printer icon for each category played and you have a report that you can print to PDF and then share - or feel free to share the entire link.
      • If you or your teammate register a training match in the application, then after completing and confirming the match, the results will be uploaded to your digital card with a link to the match detail, where you can go through it again.
    • 📈 RANKINGS
      • If you are part of a ranking within the membership on a digital card, then you will see a complete list of them, including the current ranking, points and all participating categories. At the same time, the last 3 phase/years are displayed for each category with a detailed order in each year.
      • Link to certified courses by the association.
      • List of the following 8 tournaments for which the player can register. The advantage of this solution is that after clicking on the registration link, the registration form is automatically pre-filled with your data and the following registration is then directly linked to your gScore profile. And all this without having to log in to the portal.
      • Link to the list of tournaments registered under the association.
      • List of the last two news items published for the website of the association or entity that issues and fulfills the digital card.
    • 🔎 NEWS
      • Link to news / linked directly to the websites of associations or clubs - this means that if a website linked to gScore creates a news item, it is automatically published on a digital card.
      • A link to a list of benefits associated with your membership.
    • 💲 PARTNERS
      • Automatically generated list of partners that are published under the association or entity that issues and fulfills the digital card
    • and other information related to your membership in the association
  • Automatic cancellation of the membership card when the membership expires and at the same time automatic activation upon payment of the membership.

We believe that this step will be appreciated not only by our users and players who use the gScore portal, but also by course operators, club owners, tournament organizers and association management.


We send information about the possibility of installing a digital card by e-mail when you renew your membership. If someone does not receive this email, do not despair - just log in to the gScore portal and then in the detail of your profile you have the opportunity to view and install this card directly 😉 


Of course, we would also appreciate the feedback from the card users themselves, and we would like to ask you to tell us what you are missing from the information on the card, what you would like to add, etc.


Thank you and we wish you a liking digital card.


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