Benefits of portal


For owners and administrators of courses

  • Possibility to create and administrate one or more courses on one place
    • football golf, minigolf, disc golf or classic golf
  • To use the possibility of promoting courses within the marketing of the whole portall
  • Clear records of income from course´s operation
    • arbitrary pricing policy towards players
    • statistics
  • Everything online at your disposal whenever and wherever
    • without necessity of having your own servers, hardware and your own IT department
  • Saving paperwork
  • Possibility of offering your clients above standard service and care – and also of giving them something new and novel:)

For organizers of tournaments

  • Thorough implementation of tournament arrangements at disposal
    • arbitrary setting
    • online/offline registration
    • a payment record for a player
    • automatic/manual drawing lots of rounds and matches
    • interconnection with the mobile application for players and a record of results online
    • a result service at disposal
      • online on the internet
      • for display at a reception or wherever within a course – a screen, a projecting screen, etc.
    • print reports
    • statistics
  • Everything online without necessity of your own hardware and software
    • everything automatically backed-up and constantly at disposal
  • Possibility of remote controlling of tournaments without necessity of being on the site

For players

  • Possibility of a registration to the portal and creating an integrated account
  • Drawing discounts within individual courses
    • for members of league clubs
    • for registrated players
  • Drawing discounts at portal´s partners
  • A record of all results played in individual tournaments or one-to-one matches
  • A simple registration to organized tournaments
  • A possibility of an online reservation on selected courses
  • A mobile application for a record of results from individual matches

For website creators and administrators

  • We save website administrators’ time and facilitate the simple and complex administration of sporting events
  • We provide you with simple way of creating websites for
    • Courses
    • Portals for pooling multiple courses
    • Associations
    • Tournaments and annual tournaments
    • Clubs, club pages and information
    • Individual player profiles
  • All website types can be implemented via graphic templates or with individual graphics – it is fully up to the requirements
  • All websites are directly interlinked with gScore portal and it is not necessary to take care of updating or data exports-imports
    • i.e. registrations from tournament website are entered directly to gScore
    • on the opposite, the results entered via mobile app are displayed directly on the individual websites
  • Full website administration is facilitated directly through gScore portal
  • We support various language versions
  • We provide complete website and e-mail hosting incl. domain administration
  • We provide SSL certificates

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