Etapa 2 Campeonato Gallego Parejas 2023


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Tournament Etapa 2 Campeonato Gallego Parejas 2023
Status Turnier wird gespielt

Other info

Place information

Sport Footgold
Course name Iberik Augus Santas Balneario & Golf
Count holes 18
Par 70


Organiser Asociacion Gallega de FootGolf
E-mail Contact us
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Start 03.25.2023 14:00
End 03.25.2023 18:00
Registration FROM 03.15.2023 22:00
Registration TILL 03.23.2023 23:59


Max.player count 999  
Number of categories? 1
Number of registered? 34
Number of cancelled reg.? 0


Name No. of players No. of rounds No. of teams Max. registrations Team type Count of players in team? Team count type Note Action
PAREJAS 17 1 17 999 Doppel 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Iberik Augus Santas Balneario & Golf (18 / 70)

Starting fee

Payment type Price Currency Valid for association For category Valid from-till Note
V hotovosti 15,00 Asociacion Gallega de FootGolf PAREJAS (Doppel )

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Players registered for tournament


List of registered teams

Created Team name Player count Player list Player countries Action
03.18.2023 14:04 A.Varela García/A.Pampin Ansia 2 Varela García Antonio, Pampin Ansia Alfonso
03.23.2023 16:45 B.Cortinas Alonso/J.Triñanes Tedin 2 Cortinas Alonso Brian, Triñanes Tedin Juan Manuel
03.20.2023 10:59 C.Blanco /R.Meleiro 2 Blanco Cristian, Meleiro Ruben
03.18.2023 14:14 D.Martinez Gonzalez /L.Fernandez Malvido 2 Martinez Gonzalez Diego, Fernandez Malvido Lazaro
03.17.2023 00:05 David//Pety 2 Iglesia Silva David, Vázquez Freijedo José Manuel
03.17.2023 13:07 E.Rodríguez /L.Sánchez 2 Rodríguez Elias, Sánchez Leopoldo
03.18.2023 17:22 F Pereira/G Rodriguez 2 Rodriguez Gabriel, Pereira Fabio
03.20.2023 13:15 G.Bueno/M.Fernandez 2 Bueno Gustavo, Fernandez Marcos
03.20.2023 11:17 J. castineira /M.Castiñeira 2 castineira Jose Manuel, Castiñeira Marcos
03.17.2023 16:14 J.Daquinta/A.Moure 2 Daquinta Rodríguez Jorge, Moure Álex
03.23.2023 17:31 Los Hermanos 2 Santos Romero Sergio, Santos Romero Nelson
03.17.2023 11:11 Los López 2 López Rober, López Victor
03.19.2023 19:17 N.Andura/A.Rodriguez 2 Andura Nico, Rodriguez Anselmo
03.16.2023 23:53 N.Cortiñas Brey/S.Campo Míguez 2 Cortiñas Brey Noé, Campo Míguez Sito
03.18.2023 15:49 O. Rodríguez Fernández/D.Carcacía 2 Rodríguez Fernández Oscar, Carcacía Daniel
03.23.2023 17:31 V.Cortiñas Lago/J.Triñanes González 2 Cortiñas Lago Victor, Triñanes González Jose Manuel
No. of team in list: 17


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