Sachsen International - Matchplay 2024


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Tournament Sachsen International - Matchplay 2024
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Sport Footballgolf
Course name Soccergolf Sachsen 2020
Count holes 18
Par 72


Organiser World Footballgolf Association
E-mail Contact us
E-mail for registration Contact us


Start 07/12/2024 09:00
End 07/14/2024 18:00
Registration FROM 01/31/2024 00:00
Registration TILL 07/05/2024 23:59


Max.player count 120  
Number of categories? 7
Number of registered? 6
Number of confirmed players? 5
Number of cancelled reg.? 1

Main tournament partners

World Footballgolf Association

Detailed information


  • 12-14 Juli 2024
  • registration closes on 05 Juli 2024


  • Soccergolf Sachsen
  •  Am Wachtberg 31
  • 01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla
  • Germany


Attention: If desired, breakfast can also be served at the course!


  • Single- n Double Matchplaytournament 
  • Depending on the number of participants, we plan at least 6 singles and 4 doubles each for 9 holes.

at least 3 participants/doubles must be registered for a category to be held!


Side events

  • Free practice on Juli 11th.
  • free soccercourse
  • mobile casino
  • sight seeing Dresden (more informations to come)
  • benefit project

you find the benefit projekt here further Information n payment during the tournament

More side events to come! Checke here and on the WFGA Face Book side.



depending on number of participants


Tournament fees

  • Men and women package: 60 € 
  • Juniors Cup: 30 €



  • Unless otherwise stated in the organiser's terms and conditions, playing and entering the football golf course is at your own risk. Information on this can be obtained from the organiser, Soccergolf Sachsen

Storno conditions

  • If you have to cancel your registration, please write an E-Mail to Please include in the email the tournament, you have signed up for and your name. If you cancel your participation before the registration for the corresponding tournament has been closed, you will get the paid participation fee back to the used credit card. We ask for your understanding, that we will not pay back the participation fee after the tournament has been closed. Closing of registration is always on sunday before the tournament starts.
  • no refunds of incidental costs e.g. travel or accommodation costs in the event of a tournament cancellation or postponement.


Name No. of players No. of rounds No. of teams Max. registrations Team type Count of players in team? Team count type Note Action
Men Single not yet 120 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Woman Single not yet 110 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Men +55 Counted category? 110 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Woman +55 Counted category? 110 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Men Doubles not yet 110 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Women Doubles not yet 110 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)
Juniors Cup not yet 50 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccergolf Sachsen 2020 (18 / 72)

Starting fee

Payment type Price Currency Valid for association For category Valid from-till Note
Online payment - ComGate 30.00 -- not selected -- Juniors Cup (Individual) Juniors Cup
Online payment - ComGate 30.00 -- not selected -- Men Doubles (Pair)
Online payment - ComGate 30.00 -- not selected -- Women Doubles (Pair)
Online payment - ComGate 60.00 -- not selected -- Woman Single (Individual)
Online payment - ComGate 60.00 -- not selected -- Men Single (Individual)


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Selection Name Team type Max. registrations
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  The category is available only to registered players. Woman Single Individual 110
  The category is available only to registered players. Men Doubles Pair 110
  The category is available only to registered players. Women Doubles Pair 110
  The category is available only to registered players. Juniors Cup Individual 50
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2. liability

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Liability claims are regulated by their respective terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise stated in the general terms and conditions of the course operator, entering the course and playing is at your own risk. Liability on the part of the WFGA is generally excluded!

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Players registered for tournament


List of registered teams

Created Team name Player count Player list Player countries Action
02/05/2024 16:55 T.Sipek/S.Pauer 2 Sipek Toni, Pauer Steven
No. of team in list: 1


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