Danish Open 2019


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Tournament Danish Open 2019
Status Finished, results

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Place information

Sport Footballgolf
Course name Vestfyns Fodboldgolf
Count holes 18
Par 73


Organiser World Footballgolf Association
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Start 07/05/2019 09:00
End 07/07/2019 18:00
Registration FROM 03/06/2019 10:24
Registration TILL 06/30/2019 23:55


Max.player count 150
Number of categories? 5
Number of registered? 90
Number of confirmed reg.? 91
Number of cancelled reg.? 11

Detailed information


  • 5-7 of July 2019
  • registration closes on 30.06.2019


  • Vestfyns Fotboldgolf
  • Fåborgvej 143
  • Ebberup, 5631
  • Denmark



  • 4 single rounds men
  • 4 single rounds women
  • 2 double rounds men
  • 2 double rounds women
  • 4 single rounds Juniors Cup (U16)

Side events

  • Free practice on July 4.


  • Men and women package: 50 €
  • Juniors Cup: 25 €


Storno conditions

  • If you have to cancel your registration, please write an E-Mail to info@gscore.eu. Please include in the email the tournament, you have signed up for and your name. If you cancel your participation before the registration for the corresponding tournament has been closed, you will get the paid participation fee back to the used credit card. We ask for your understanding, that we will not pay back the participation fee after the tournament has been closed. Closing of registration is always on sunday before the tournament starts.


Name No. of players No. of rounds No. of teams Max. registrations Team type Count of players in team? Team count type Note Action
Men Singles 71 4 0 150 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (18 / 73)
Women Singles 16 4 0 150 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (18 / 73)
Men Doubles 33 3 33 150 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (18 / 73)
Women Doubles 7 3 7 150 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (18 / 73)
Juniors Cup 2 4 0 50 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (18 / 73)

Starting fee

Payment type Price Currency Valid for association For category Valid from-till Note
Online payment - by card 25.00 -- not selected -- Juniors Cup (Individual) Juniors Cup
Online payment - by card 50.00 -- not selected -- -- not selected -- Men and women package

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Players registered for tournament


List of registered teams

Team name Player count Player list Player countries Action
A.Alenbring/R.Hansen 2 Alenbring Alexander, Hansen Ronnie
A.Bollerup/H.DAUGAARD 2 Bollerup Anders, DAUGAARD Hans Arne
B.Alminde/C.Vangsgaard-Jensen 2 Alminde Britta, Vangsgaard-Jensen Camilla
B.Bödeker/C.Bödeker 2 Bödeker Ben, Bödeker Christian
B.Christensen/M.Strandberg 2 Christensen Bjarne, Strandberg Morten Kim
C.Buchardt /A.Mork 2 Buchardt Christian, Mork Anders
D.Hermansen/M.Stisen 2 Hermansen Diana, Stisen Mette
D.Jensen/B.Norgaard 2 Jensen Dan, Norgaard Bjorn
D.Ohlen/L.Ohlen 2 Ohlen Daniel, Ohlen Lars
E.Adén/Y.Hollsten 2 Adén Emma, Hollsten Yasmine
E.Berglind Nilsson/J.Berglind Nilsson 2 Berglind Nilsson Emma, Berglind Nilsson Julia
E.Heltne/O.Vattoy 2 Heltne Eirik, Vattoy Ola
H.Hogsberg/S.Jensen 2 Hogsberg Henrik, Jensen Steffen
I.Oliver/J.Oliver 2 Oliver Ian, Oliver Jack
J.Kastberg /J.Nissen 2 Kastberg Julian, Nissen Jakob
J.Schrödel/F.Verwold 2 Schrödel Jürgen, Verwold Frank
K.Christensen/P.Vibæk 2 Christensen Kim, Vibæk Peter Nørlem
K.Jessen/K.Larsen 2 Jessen Kristian, Larsen Kim
L.Aagaard/J.Hansen 2 Aagaard Louise, Hansen Jeanette
L.Christensen/L.Thomsen 2 Christensen Lisbeth, Thomsen Lone
L.Knudsen/B.Sandfeld 2 Knudsen Lars Bournonville, Sandfeld Bent
M.Hanousek/V.Lhoták 2 Hanousek Milan, Lhoták Vítězslav
M.Hansen/c.strandhave 2 Hansen Michael, Strandhave Carsten
M.Hansen/J.Kjær 2 Hansen Mathias Ellebaek, Kjær Jakob
M.Liedtke/M.Liedtke 2 Liedtke Marc, Liedtke Marcel
M.Pedersen/J.Seidelin 2 Pedersen Martin, Seidelin Johan
O.Andersen/L.Bekker 2 Andersen Ole theo, Bekker Lasse
O.Bier/J.Schmitz 2 Bier Oliver, Schmitz Jan
P.Alenbring/M.Nilsson 2 Alenbring Peter, Nilsson Mikael
P.Babka/G.Lindvall 2 Babka Patrick, Lindvall Göran
P.Helcl/J.Marhan 2 Helcl Pavel, Marhan Jan
R.Herčík/B.Sørensen 2 Herčík Roman, Sørensen Benjamin
R.Laursen/B.Perl 2 Laursen Randi, Perl Bettina
S.Andersen/H.Mikkelsen 2 Andersen Steffen, Mikkelsen Heine
S.Andersen/M.Johannessen 2 Andersen Simon, Johannessen Martin
S.Bruce/S.Pedersen 2 Bruce Simon, Pedersen Simon
S.Jensen/D.Lund 2 Jensen Simon, Lund Daniel
S.Knudsen /J.Larsen 2 Knudsen Soren, Larsen Jens Lonberg
T.Christensen/L.Thomsen 2 Christensen Tommy, Thomsen Lars
T.Knudsen/S.Rejsenhus Jensen 2 Knudsen Tommy, Rejsenhus Jensen Sune
No. of team in list: 40


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