Fussballgolffreunde Willaberg e.V. - Club detail


Basic information

Club name Fussballgolffreunde Willaberg e.V.
Sport Footballgolf
Club status Approved
In association 1. Deutscher Fussballgolf Verband
Home course Soccerpark Bayern

Basic information

Founder Pick Reinhard
Club founding 11/07/2011
Member count 18
Cancelled members 0


Address Willaberg 3 Bodenkirchen 84155
State Germany
E-mail Contact us
Web http://www.fussballgolffreunde.de/

Member list

Created Full name Gender City State Reg. user Association membership Action
01/29/2019 22:39 Pick Reinhard M Landshut Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:35 Niedermeier Hans M Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:37 Gaultier Lisa F Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:38 Zepp Julia F Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:38 Krieg Roberto M Schönwalde- Glien Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:39 Ohneis Franz M Bodenkirchen Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:39 Ohneis Günther M Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:40 Achtnichts Dieter M Buchbach Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:41 Bart Rudolf M Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:42 Ortmaier Anita F Germany <b>valid</b>
02/10/2019 18:42 Forstner Christian M Germany <b>valid</b>
03/15/2019 23:07 Stadler Marinus M Bad Aibling Germany <b>valid</b>
03/15/2019 23:09 Schug Martin M Egglkofen Germany <b>valid</b>
03/15/2019 23:09 Busch Waldemar M Gangkofen Germany <b>valid</b>
03/15/2019 23:38 Preisinger Maxi M Egglkofen Germany <b>valid</b>
05/09/2019 17:07 Zuhr Silke F Moosen Germany <b>invalid</b>
07/31/2020 17:29 Huber Markus M Neumarkt St. Veit Germany No <b>invalid</b>
07/31/2020 17:31 Kagerbauer Manuel M Schönberg Germany No <b>invalid</b>
Count members in the list: 18

Team list

Founded Team name Team leader Terminated Statistics (*) Action
No registered teams in club.
(*) Season count / player count / substitutes count
Count of club teams on the list: 0

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