Fodboldgolfklub Odsherred - Club detail


Basic information

Club name Fodboldgolfklub Odsherred
Sport Footballgolf
Club status Approved
In association Dansk Fodboldgolf Forening
Home course Odsherred Fodboldgolf

Basic information

Owner Dansk Fodboldgolf Forening
Founder Andersen Finderup Simon
Club founding 01/31/2019
Member count 19
Cancelled members 0


Address nykøbingvej 158 Grevinge 4571
State Danmark
Phone 31778512
E-mail Contact us

Member list

Created Full name Gender City State Reg. user Association membership Action
03/06/2019 11:30 Andersen Finderup Simon M Vig Danmark <b>invalid</b>
04/29/2020 18:45 Jensen Christian M Vig Danmark <b>invalid</b>
04/29/2020 18:46 Jigsaw Sorensen Emil M Nykobing sj Danmark <b>invalid</b>
04/29/2020 18:46 Larsen Simon M Hojby Danmark <b>invalid</b>
04/29/2020 18:51 Nielsen Nicolai M Asnæs Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
04/29/2020 18:53 Thomsen Danni Thane M Nr. Asmindrup Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:38 Vergara Dahlin Mark M Ll. Skensved Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:38 Hilscher Michael Magnus M Koge Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:38 Fitos Attila Henrik M Kastrip Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:38 Jensen Stjerne Thomas M Kastrup Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:40 Andersen Magnus M Højby Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:41 Bog Mike M Holbak Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:42 Johannessen Martin M Vig Danmark <b>invalid</b>
06/27/2020 09:43 Bergmann Casper M Vig Danmark <b>invalid</b>
07/12/2020 19:06 Ugür Serdar M Frederiksberg Danmark <b>invalid</b>
07/12/2020 19:06 Cetin Göksel M olstykke Danmark <b>invalid</b>
07/12/2020 19:10 Nielsen Pernille Vestergaard F Ølstykke Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
07/12/2020 19:12 Christoffesen Christian M Højby Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
07/12/2020 19:13 Andersen Magnus M Nykøbing sj. Danmark No <b>invalid</b>
Count members in the list: 19

Team list

Founded Team name Team leader Terminated Statistics (*) Action
No registered teams in club.
(*) Season count / player count / substitutes count
Count of club teams on the list: 0

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