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Basic information

Club name FootGolf Spartak Trnava
Sport Footgolf
Club status Approved
In association Slovenská FootGolfová Asociácia
Home course -- not filled --

Basic information

Founder Dian Michal
Club founding 05/01/2020
Member count 24
Cancelled members 1


Address Trnava
State Slovakia
Phone 0907209340
E-mail Contact us

Member list

Created Full name Gender City State Reg. user Association membership Action
05/22/2020 10:07 Dian Michal M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:10 Majerčíková Martina F Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:10 Vangel Dušan M Bratislava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:11 Ondrejkovičová Simona F Bratislava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:11 Šimončič Igor M Slovenský Grob Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:12 Polák Maroš M Senec Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:12 Gažovič Tomáš M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:13 Valášek Juraj M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:14 Štrbo Lukáš M Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:15 Glozmek Marek M Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:16 Petrle Michal M Bratislava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:17 Macho Milan M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 18:58 Selecký Peter M Slovakia <b>valid</b>
05/31/2020 21:06 Bagin Miroslav M Slovakia <b>valid</b>
07/06/2020 12:37 Michalik Ivan M Slovakia <b>valid</b>
03/21/2021 14:22 Topor Zdenko M Senec Slovakia <b>valid</b>
04/12/2021 14:36 Spišiak Michal M Slovakia <b>invalid</b>
04/16/2021 13:41 Petráš Michal M Slovakia <b>invalid</b>
06/21/2021 15:32 Němec Josef M Bratislava Czech Republic <b>valid</b>
11/12/2021 14:17 Gurovič Andrej M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
11/12/2021 14:20 Nemcova Klaudia F Stupava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
11/12/2021 15:11 Pulinger Robert M Trnava Slovakia <b>valid</b>
03/03/2022 10:10 Marušinec Samo M Trenčín Slovakia <b>valid</b>
03/22/2022 19:15 Polach Mário M Skalica Slovakia <b>valid</b>
Count members in the list: 24

Team list

Founded Team name Team leader Terminated Statistics (*) Action
No registered teams in club.
(*) Season count / player count / substitutes count
Count of club teams on the list: 0

Player transfer records

Request was generated Date of transfer User name Club name from where Name of the target club Association name Transfer status
02/28/2021 02/27/2021 Kasayová Natália FootGolf Spartak Trnava FootGolfový klub Trnava Slovenská FootGolfová Asociácia approved
Number of requests in the list: 1
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