1.Fussballgolfclub Saarland e.V. - Club detail


Basic information

Club name 1.Fussballgolfclub Saarland e.V.
Sport Footballgolf
Club status Approved
In association 1. Deutscher Fussballgolf Verband
Home course Fußballgolf Saar

Basic information

Founder Müller Florian
Club founding 11/25/2021
Member count 19
Cancelled members 0


Address Am Grüneberg 6 Illingen 66557
State Germany
Phone 01778684215
E-mail Contact us
Web www.fussballgolfclub-saarland.de

Member list

Created Full name Gender City State Reg. user Association membership Action
01/30/2022 20:05 Müller Florian M Illingen Germany <b>valid</b>
02/01/2022 06:20 Klinkert Andreas M Saarwellingen Germany <b>valid</b>
02/01/2022 06:20 Hessel Bernd M Beckingen Germany <b>valid</b>
02/01/2022 06:21 Müller Julia F Illingen Germany <b>invalid</b>
02/01/2022 06:22 Müller Manfred M Germany <b>valid</b>
02/01/2022 06:25 Demolski Sven M Germany <b>invalid</b>
02/01/2022 06:25 Becker Florian M Illingen Germany <b>invalid</b>
02/01/2022 06:26 Schulze Sandra F Saarwellingen Germany <b>invalid</b>
02/01/2022 06:27 Baltes Nils M St.Wendel Germany <b>invalid</b>
02/01/2022 06:27 Broeckel Dieter M Bobenheim-Roxheim Germany <b>valid</b>
02/01/2022 06:28 Ebeling Tim M Bielefeld Germany <b>invalid</b>
03/28/2022 13:24 Pflüger Miriam F Illingen Germany <b>invalid</b>
04/03/2022 19:49 Böhnlein Johanna F St. Wendel Germany <b>invalid</b>
04/03/2022 19:49 Neumann Frank M Germany <b>valid</b>
05/31/2022 08:10 Fellendorf Ralf M Ottendorf Okrilla Germany <b>valid</b>
05/31/2022 08:10 Scheffler Christian M Dreden Germany <b>valid</b>
06/08/2022 09:06 Schindler Niklas M Germany <b>invalid</b>
06/21/2022 06:35 Detlefsen Sascha M Bielefeld Germany <b>invalid</b>
06/21/2022 06:36 Bojack Peter M Germany <b>valid</b>
Count members in the list: 19

Team list

Founded Team name Team leader Terminated Statistics (*) Action
No registered teams in club.
(*) Season count / player count / substitutes count
Count of club teams on the list: 0

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