New tournament and league management options - News


New management options

  • Tournament
    • for results within the current round and category there is a possibility to cancel / reset the result on the selected hole
      • use eg in case the hole is canceled as unplayable for the whole tournament due to bad weather
      • you can find this method under the Change results for holes button below the match list
    • new way of exporting results
      • Export matches for import
        • exports matches according to the selected round in the exact structure suitable for import
        • so it can be used, for example, for an incorrectly entered course after a game, time changes, rounds, etc ...
      • Export results for import
        • corresponds to the exact data structure (xml) suitable for import
        • so it can be used, for example, for bulk data editing and new import of results

League and rankings

  • Stage/etape setting
    • within the created stage/etape it is now possible to manually recalculate points based on the category settings - ie it is not necessary to wait for the first calculation of the result for the new stage/etape
      • ie. if within the league category the recalculation of earned points is set based on the assigned ranking type in such a way that the number of points earned for a defined stage / year is reduced or changed, this recalculation is allowed based on the league administrator's decision - ie the administrator can stage, perform a full recalculation and do not wait for this recalculation to be performed automatically when the first result is


  • when a player registers for a tournament, the association in which the player has a valid membership and is relevant to the selected tournament is preset
    • at the same time, the corresponding membership ID is obtained according to the selected association

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