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What is Eclectic

 An eclectic is a multi-round tournament / leaderboard that results in a single score card. With virtually every round / tournament a player plays on one course, he can only improve on individual holes. I.e. when he plays hole # 4 in the first tournament, then this value will be entered in the final leaderboard. If he improves this hole in the following tournaments - ie he plays it on 3, then in the final ranking / evaluation this hole will be rewritten to 3. This way of tournament can be realized at any time and in any tournaments - the only condition is to play on the same course due to the same conditions throughout the competition.

Principles of operation directly in the tournament

  • For the category - individual or for doubles (alternation of players), the type of calculation of results can be selected Eclectic for tournament (x rounds)
  • Draws, seeding, flights - everything is managed in the same way as for a classic game
  • For now, only the Due to score/Stroke play game is guaranteed to work
  • The system operates with an unlimited number of rounds within a category
  • The evaluation takes place practically after entering the first hole of the second round - until then the system behaves as in the calculation method By score - minimum win
  • As soon as the result in the next rounds is entered, the comparison is already taking place over the selected hole
  • It is not possible to combine results from different fields - but this is also the basic principle of Eclectic - i.e. it is played on the same field
  • View on the mobile version the current best result across all rounds

Example of use

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