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What is a waiting list?

The waiting list is practically the same as the registration of a player for the tournament, only it depends on the subsequent decision of the organizer and the fulfillment of the defined conditions by the organizer when the limit of the number of registered players for the tournament is exceeded.

How the waiting list works

For players

  • During registration, the player may or may not find out that he is already registered on the waiting list - it is a matter of at what moment and how the waiting list is configured
  • But the principle is practically that as soon as the number of registered players is exceeded - and it depends on the organizer if it counts registered or confirmed players - the player will find himself on the waiting list after successful registration
  • If this happens and e.g. an online payment is started, the player will no longer receive an email about the possibility of payment and it will be processed by the organizer.
  • The player receives a confirmation of registration to the waiting list with information that he should wait for the following instructions from the organizer.
  • The player will be seen in the waiting list, which is displayed under the registration form on the tournament page.
  • If the player uses a digital card, the information that the player is on the WAITING LIST will be displayed at his registration
  • The organizer can subsequently decide on several ways of processing these players
    • sends an email with a request for online payment
      • if the player pays, he is automatically or manually moved to registered players, depending on the settings
      • even with online payments, the organizer may have the right to decide who will eventually become a registered player and who will not
    • processes players directly based on conditions into the list of registered players
    • cancel the player's registration
    • in all cases, the player will be informed by email about the individual facts that happened with his registration

For the organizer

It is possible to activate a waiting list for every tournament managed by the organizer. The Waiting list settings button is available in the details of the tournament. After clicking, these settings can be made.

  • Turn on/off the waiting list and define the period from when till when it is valid
    • as soon as it is turned on and meets any time settings, the waiting list is active, regardless of the number of registered players
  • Turn automatic waiting list on/off
    • as soon as this setting is active, the number of registered players is checked as follows
      • if the tournament is set to Strict limitation for max.count in total? to YES, then the number of registered players who are not in Canceled status is checked
      • if this value is not set in the tournament, then the number of players who are in Confirmed status is monitored
    • therefore, if, according to the previous settings, it is found that the next registration falls on the waiting list, the player will automatically register only on it
    • after registration, he will be shown the appropriate information that he has been included in the waiting list, he will only appear in the waiting list and an email will be sent to him with this information
      • at the same time, in the case of online payment, an order is not generated, nor is an online payment with email
  • Define the number of registered players in the waiting list
    • as soon as this number of players is exceeded again, registration to the waiting list is blocked automatically
    • players who are not in Canceled status or have not already been transferred to registered players are taken into account
  • Define text for waiting list conditions/rules
    • this text is displayed in the tournament detail above the registration form if the waiting list is active
  • Define automatic confirmation of players in the waiting list
    • when the player pays the online payment, it is possible for the player to automatically move to the list of registered players without the need for administration by the organizer
    • according to the settings, appropriate emails will be sent to him - one about successful payment and the other about successful transfer to registered players
  • Define the automatic transfer of the last registered player to the waiting list
    • if a player from the waiting list is confirmed to registered players - it doesn't matter if automatically or manually
    • so the last registered player who is not confirmed will be moved to the waiting list and the relevant conditions will apply to him
      • this player, however, may already have an online payment and an order generated, so the organizer can e.g. send him a payment reminder, etc...
  • Show/hide waiting list
  • Definition of the content of emails that the system can send
    • Registration confirmation email from the player
      • in case the player registered without logging in, a classic email is sent to him with a request to confirm registration - but this time only to the waiting list
    • Email with confirmation of player registration
      • if the player confirms his registration without logging in, or completes his registration after logging in, he will receive an email confirming his registration to the waiting list
    • Payment reminder email
      • if the order is generated for online payment, the system automatically sends practically 3 emails with a notification about sending the payment
    • Email after payment
      • if the order is paid, the player will receive email information about successful payment
    • Email after moving to registration
      • if the registration of a player from the waiting list is automatically or manually moved to the list of registered players, they will receive this email
    • Email after moving from registration to waiting list
      • if the player is moved from registration to the waiting list automatically or manually, they will receive this email

All this can be changed by the organizer in the tournament settings and it is entirely at his discretion how he sets the principle of the waiting list and how he informs the players about these settings.

Additional processes for the organizer

  • When creating a new player by manual registration, the number of players and the setting of the waiting list are checked again
    • if the number of players is exceeded, the newly registered player will be automatically added to the waiting list and cannot be confirmed directly
    • i.e. the manual registration carried out in this way must be combined with the waiting list processes

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