A new principle of approach to tournament management - News


New type of user permission - Tournament Administrator

  • This new type of user authorization allows the client to set up physical access to the tournament to manage it for a selected registered player in the gScore system.
  • In order to meet the conditions set out in the GDPR, it is first necessary to ensure the electronic signature of the user data management agreement for this user. This must be ensured by the gScore administrator. Once such a user has this permission set, the organizer/client can then assign it to the selected tournament.
  • After completing all the administrative tasks, the user can start managing the entire tournament just like the tournament organizer.
  • The management of these accesses is available under the Persons button in the details of the tournament.

What can this user manage?

  • acquires the rights to display data according to the organizer/company that is listed for the tournament
    • i.e. can display
      • list of memberships tied to the organizer
      • list of customers tied to the organizer and the tournament
      • list of courses tied to the organizer and the tournament
  • edit the tournament as such - only from the registration status and above
  • manage entry fees and categories
  • manage payments and player registrations
  • manage advanced registrations
  • manage the waiting list
  • manage teams
  • manage start lists
  • manage draws, matches, results including imports/exports
  • manage statistics
  • manage tournament partners
  • manage documents for the tournament - logos, images, proposals, ...
  • allow unassigned players to be matched

 What features is this user blocked for?

  • cannot create a new tournament
  • cannot copy an existing tournament
  • manage Persons, including access settings for users to the selected tournament
  • send bulk emails - sending bulk emails to registered players

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