New way to calculate team competition - News


New administration option

  • Tournament
    • team competition currently - we support
      • pairs and their alternation
      • teams - creation by state, by club, by deployment in the league/ranking, calculations then by the best x results from individual categories
      • and many other variants...
    • team competition - a new way of calculation
      • works on any created team in the tournament
        • the category setting must be
          • Team type * - unlimited
          • Team count type * - Player rotation
          • Result calculation * - Teams - by position, scoring and best position
          • Scoring type - selected point table, if not selected directly in this category, then points will be taken from individual categories
            • Counted category setting
            • tick all categories from which you want to calculate results
            • for each category, enter the X number of results in the Best X column, if not specified, the results from the category will not be counted
          • other settings as needed
        • the system calculates the points obtained according to the settings and then the most points within the individual teams decides the final position
        • points are taken from either this category and then applied to all categories and players equally
        • or if the scoring table is not selected for this category, then scoring is taken from individual categories - this setting allows each category to be scored differently
    • we have adjusted the relevant views on the website
      • display in the list of Starting lists
      • display in print/screen reports
      • view the detail of the player of the tournament in the category
      • display in the mobile version of the application, where only the list of individual teams with points earned is primarily displayed, and then details of the points earned within individual teams and individual categories in which the players participated can be displayed

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