Minor changes, fixes and new ways to display...and a new sport! - News


New tournament features

  • In the tournament administration on the Local rules tab, players can be forced to read the written local rules on a special page after logging in to record results
  • Only after reading the rules set in this way, the player can continue playing - or in writing the results
  • Export registered players for Dart4Windows
  • Turning on a new sport - darts, in cooperation with Česká šipková organizace, z.s.

Results display changes

  • Results are now displayed everywhere including WPO information - gScore website, result reports, mobile version and results
  • Along with this modification, the speed of displaying results on the mobile version was optimized

Corrections and changes in administration

  • Tournament
    • When drawing, fix correct time calculation for additional rounds when using Create empty matches
    • Fix display of round count for Big Screen
    • During the draw, ensuring the correct order in the selection of players
    • Importing players from other categories already without DNF players
    • Added Set DNF/Cancel DNF button to the player details for direct DNS recording

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