Promo codes - discount for tournament registration - News


New features in the system

  • Administration of promo codes
    • New item in the menu under Benefits / Promo codes
    • gScore organizer - manager can 
      • create new promo codes with discount settings either in % or using a fixed amount
      • you can enter your own code or let the system generate it
      • for each promo code, it is then possible to determine exactly which tournaments it can be used for
      • then you can see exactly which player used it
  • Changes in the tournament
    • A new promo code can be created directly from the tournament
    • For the player who used the code, this fact can be seen, including the indicated original price and the obtained discount
    • This principle is also used for extended registration, where the code can also define whether the discount is calculated from the total amount or only from the basic amount of the entry fee
    • Information about the code used and the discount is included in the export of registered players
  • Changes in registration
    • The code can be used for all types of registration
      • individual registration without login and with user login
      • team/double registration without login and with user login - for each player in the team, the code can be applied separately
      • code can also be used as part of extended registration

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