New payment gateway - we save fees! - News


New features in the system

  • Comgate payment gateway
    • the payment gateway was implemented 
    • we basically support CZK, EUR, USD, PLN and HUF currencies. We are able to add GBP, RON, NOK and SEK currencies if needed
    • we support payments by card, money order/bank transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay, instant payments, and depends on the country and currency the user comes from
    • fees are standard as follows
      • incoming payment 1.00 CZK (or the equivalent in the appropriate currency) + 1.3% of the amount paid
      • refund of payment 2.00 CZK (or equivalent in appropriate currency)
      • within turnovers, more favorable fees can also be negotiated - dealt with individually
    • the paying player has the option to cancel or interrupt the payment at the payment gateway
      • in case of cancellation of the payment, its registration will also be canceled and the payment cannot be repeated
      • in case of interruption of the payment, a payment reminder will be sent and the player can subsequently return to the payment and make it later
    • we added gScore design to the payment gateway
    • payment reminders proceed as follows
      • as soon as the payment using the payment gateway is interrupted for some reason
      • subsequently, a second reminder will be sent within 3 days if the payment has still not been made

Notice for existing administrators

  • in the case of copying existing tournaments that had the Pays payment gateway set, it is necessary to change all payment information for the new tournament and therefore select a new payment gateway for each type of allowed payment and thus set new fees
  • if this is not done, you will still be charged the old fees as the Pays payment gateway is still active

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