February modifications and changes in gScore - News


Changes and fixes in the system

  • Changes
    • A registered player who is logged in will see himself if he registered using online payment and did not pay. Until now, if the tournament was set to display only confirmed players, it was not possible to display users.
    • The registered player now has the possibility to see his registration even if he does not complete it, but at the same time he has the possibility to pay directly in the details of the registration if he chose online payment and did not complete it.
    • The registered player has the option to change his registration in terms of categories only if it is not an online payment and the combination of selected categories does not affect the registration price.
    • A registered player has the option to cancel his registration even if it is set to online payments - that is, only until he physically pays it online. If he pays it, it is no longer possible to directly cancel the registration - the cancellation can only be requested from the organizer, who must decide, based on the cancellation conditions, how the amount for the entry fee will be returned to the player.

New features to the administration

  • Membership
    • Enabled mass import of payments for existing membership cards
      • the import takes place based on the card code and the selected membership type
      • for now only the administrator has this option - if necessary, we are able to make this function available to managers of individual subjects
      • in case you need to import payments in bulk, please contact us
  • Renewal of canceled registration
    • in some cases where the registration has been canceled either manually or automatically, it needs to be renewed
    • new functionality is now available to restore canceled registrations
    • renewal will take place according to the conditions entered by the administrator in the form
      • unable to renew registration with new online payment - it's disabled for now
      • in the event that the registration is renewed, where the payment was sent and received before the cancellation of the registration but the money was not physically returned, the renewal will be possible because it is possible to use the money registered in the system for the entry fee - i.e. in this case, the values filled in the form are not taken into account for the payment data
    • the player is allowed to send an information email with the successful completion of registration renewal

New features for tournaments

  • for categories
    • calculation with the name Teams - by average for the whole team
    • the calculation takes place in such a way that for all members listed in the team the results are added up and then divided by the number of players in the team from which the results were calculated
    • the calculation takes place classically by individual According to the score - the least wins, but then the calculation for the teams themselves follows and they are already calculated according to the average
    • the result is then shown in the Team Score and Team Under Par Score columns, plus the team standings
  • view points earned and points per team
    • if the calculated categories are calculated based on points - min or max. then these points will be displayed in the score columns for display on the gScore website, in the mobile version and of course also on reports and other screens

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