WFGA Tour - Single Men - Category detail


Category information

League name WFGA Tour [WFGA]
Name Single Men
Order 1
Max.players 1000
Min. team player count 1
Max. team player count 1
No. of substitutes 0
Position by point re-count? No
Display calculated position? No
Calculated position to display strictly due to rules or due to point count?
From which position of PlayOff 1
From which position the PlayOff is to be calculated - ie the same order in case of the same number of points
Recount position by tournament results? No
Count PlayOff positions
How many PlayOff positions should be counted as PlayOff when tournament position recalculation is turned on.
Number of positions left
How many positions will remain when recalculating the same from the tournament exactly as they are set in the tournament categories
Are all statuses counted? No
If not, only statuses P, F, WPO, MC-3, MC-2 a MC-1 are counted. Otherwise statuses DNQ, DNF, DSQ, DNS are counted too
Generated for countries? No
Teams in category will be generated by countries of individual players.
Generated by tournament? No
Teams within category will be generated due to the tournament results.
Generate by clubs? No
Teams in the category will be generated based on the results in the tournament.
Include in the calculation but with 0 points? No
Those players who do not meet the set conditions and limits will be counted but will end up with 0 points.
Closed? No
Note -- not filled --

Basic calculation settings

Age from -- not filled --
Age till -- not filled --
Sex M
Team type Individual
Team way Each for one's self (result is the sum in team)
Use handicap No

Ranking type and settings

Name WFGA Tour - best 5 results (median)
Way of marking calculation Due to points
Way of ranking calculation The best x results (due to max. points)
Count of best results 5 (set by ranking)
Median points on PlayOff positions Yes
With PlayOff in the same position, different points are obtained according to the rankings - for example, 3-5 places have scores of 34, 32 and 30. In total, 34 + 32 + 30 = 96/3 = 32. So each player gets 32 points.
Each stage separately? Yes
Total count within one stage?
Result reset for stage? No
Each stage counted separately?
Loss of points included? Yes
Loss of points included for previous seasons?
Handicap (kicks) for sex? mix
Handicap (kicks) 0.00 %
Handicap for chosen sex - i.e. at calculation for a team the final count of kicks is increased/decreased for given sex which changes the final score.

Change/reduction point type for previous phase/stages

Type name 50, 0 - by year
Type of change/reduction? By date/days
How much values back? Date type Points remain
-1 year 50.00 %
-2 year 0.00 %
Other stages/years will be canceled and reduced to 0 points

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