• <h3>New digital card CFGA<strong>in connection with gScore</strong></h3>
    gScore digital card

    New digital card CFGAin connection with gScore

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  • <h3>Více sportů v našem systému <strong>pomáháme tak sdružovat různé hráče</strong></h3>
    gScore benefit

    Více sportů v našem systému pomáháme tak sdružovat různé hráče

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A new principle of approach to tournament management

Existing accesses are defined to the administrator or system administrator who is connected to the customer. Currently, at the request of clients, we have created a new type of access - tournament administrator. This right will only be associated with a registered player - i.e. it does not have to be a gScore client...


Tournament registration waiting list

We have created a completely new way of registration for you - the option of a waiting list...


Upcoming tournaments

Sport Start Tournament State
12-01-2022 Match Play Pares PT 2022 Portugal
12-03-2022 Indiánský běh na Mohylu míru 2022 Czech Republic
12-03-2022 Mikulášský turnaj v Praze 2022 Czech Republic
12-03-2022 Liga Castilla la Mancha Etapa VII Spain
12-10-2022 Open de Barcelona - Masters de España 2022 Spain
12-17-2022 I Torneo Internacional Reset Open Spain

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A portal focusing on all about sports

We would like to introduce a new portal built for sports and all issues which go together with sports. We shape the portal to help and simplify the work of the organisers and masterminds of sporting events. The aim is to simply and comprehensively show and provide as much information as possible to the users themselves – from registrations and keeping results to statistics, printing and sending reports to i.e. to e-mail boxes.

Whom is the portal designed for?

We build the portal on the experience from sport sectors and we cooperate with the organisers and the participants too. We design everything for

  • players
  • courses and venues
  • organisers and event masterminds
  • rankings / leagues
  • associations and memberships
  • clubs
  • administrators of sporting websites

Benefits of portal

747 Courses Number of courses which players can use for writing score

142035 Players Number of players who played any matches at portal

3453924 Results Number of results entered to the portal

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