Austrian Open 2019


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Tournament Austrian Open 2019
Status Finished, results

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Place information

Sport Footballgolf
Course name Soccerpark Salzburg
Count holes 18
Par 72


Organiser World Footballgolf Association
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Start 04/26/2019 09:00
End 04/28/2019 18:00
Registration FROM 03/06/2019 09:16
Registration TILL 04/21/2019 23:55


Max.player count 150
Number of categories? 6
Number of registered? 94
Number of confirmed reg.? 98
Number of cancelled reg.? 27

Main tournament partners

World Footballgolf Association

Detailed information


  • 26-28 April 2019
  • registration closes on 21 April 2019


  • Soccerpark Salzburg
  • Oberaustraße 33
  • 5072 Wals-Siezenheim
  • Austria


  • 4 single rounds men
  • 4 single rounds women
  • 2 double rounds men
  • 2 double rounds women
  • 4 single rounds Juniors Cup (U16)

Side events

  • Free practice on April 25.
  • Welcome evening on 26.04.19 @ 7.00 PM in the „Gasthaus Kamml" in Wals-Siezenheim.


  • Men and women package: 50 €
  • Juniors Cup: 25 €


Storno conditions

  • If you have to cancel your registration, please write an E-Mail to Please include in the email the tournament, you have signed up for and your name. If you cancel your participation before the registration for the corresponding tournament has been closed, you will get the paid participation fee back to the used credit card. We ask for your understanding, that we will not pay back the participation fee after the tournament has been closed. Closing of registration is always on sunday before the tournament starts.


Name No. of players No. of rounds No. of teams Max. registrations Team type Count of players in team? Team count type Note Action
Men Singles 73 4 0 150 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)
Women Singles 20 4 0 150 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)
Men Doubles 35 2 35 150 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)
Women Doubles 7 2 7 150 Pair 2 Player rotation (as one player)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)
Juniors Cup not yet 50 Individual 1 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)
Team countries 72 4 8 150 Foursome 4 Each for themselves (result is sum in team)
Place Soccerpark Salzburg (18 / 72)

Starting fee

Payment type Price Currency Valid for association For category Valid from-till Note
Online payment - by card 25.00 -- not selected -- Juniors Cup (Individual) Juniors Cup
Online payment - by card 50.00 -- not selected -- -- not selected -- Men and women package

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Players registered for tournament


List of registered teams

Team name Player count Player list Player countries Action
A.Barmbichler/M.Huber 2 Barmbichler Andreas, Huber Manfred
A.Bollerup/S.Pedersen 2 Bollerup Anders, Pedersen Simon
A.Hammerl/J.Huber 2 Hammerl Andreas, Huber Johannes
A.Hoffmann/M.Popow 2 Hoffmann Andreas J, Popow Michael
AT 15 Babka Patrick, Brandner Robert, Friedmann Max, Haider Rudolf, Hauptmann Helmut, Hingsamer Rainer, Jelinek Kurt, Kirchberger Thomas, Laimer Gerald, Mayr Dietmar, Mayrhofer Stefan, Rakita Spiro, Rehrl Bernhard, Stopfner Josef, Weber Gerhard
B.BLANCHET/R.Fellendorf 2 BLANCHET Benoit, Fellendorf Ralf
C.Edvinges /P.Nordgren 2 Edvinges Caisa, Nordgren Pernilla
C.Von Bötticher /J.von Bötticher 2 Von Bötticher Christoph, von Bötticher Julia
CZ 22 Bican Tomáš, Cupák Tomáš, Fišer Roman, Hanousek Milan, Herčík Roman, Jílek Jan, Jirout Jan, Kácovský Jiří Káca, Kocman Zdeněk, Kylar Petr Okenko, Levý Adam, Levý Lukáš, Lhoták Vítězslav, Luňák David, Mareš Petr, Mašín Milan, Neumann Tomáš, Poruba Zdenek, Šimsa Pavel, Šolc Petr Tata, Štěpánek Roman, Veverka Jiří
D.Luňák/J.Veverka 2 Luňák David, Veverka Jiří
DE 21 Barmbichler Andreas, Busch Waldemar, Dähnert Kevin, Dengel Wolfgang, Fellendorf Ralf, Hammerl Andreas, Hartmann Patrick, Hoffmann Andreas J, Huber Johannes, Huber Manfred, Klegraefe Hans, Klegraefe Peter, Mayer Sven, Müller Florian, Niedermeier Hans, Pick Reinhard, Popow Michael, Rolli Peter, Schug Martin, Von Bötticher Christoph, Wolff Rudolf
DK 4 Bollerup Anders, Knudsen Lars Bournonville, Pedersen Simon, Strandberg Morten
H.Bjerke/B.Perl 2 Bjerke Hilde, Perl Bettina
H.Hauptmann/G.Weber 2 Hauptmann Helmut, Weber Gerhard
H.Klegraefe/P.Klegraefe 2 Klegraefe Hans, Klegraefe Peter
H.Niedermeier/R.Pick 2 Niedermeier Hans, Pick Reinhard
J.Bernasová/M.Reinová 2 Bernasová Jana, Reinová Michala
J.Jílek/P.Šimsa 2 Jílek Jan, Šimsa Pavel
J.Jirout/A.Levý 2 Jirout Jan, Levý Adam
J.Kácovský/P.Šolc 2 Kácovský Jiří Káca, Šolc Petr Tata
J.Karl/K.Riedmann 2 Karl Jacqueline, Riedmann Kathrin
K.Dähnert/P.Hartmann 2 Dähnert Kevin, Hartmann Patrick
K.Jelinek/S.Mayrhofer 2 Jelinek Kurt, Mayrhofer Stefan
l.Dobesova/H.Jiroutová 2 Dobesova lenka, Jiroutová Hana
L.Knudsen/P.Rolli 2 Knudsen Lars Bournonville, Rolli Peter
M.Hanousek/V.Lhoták 2 Hanousek Milan, Lhoták Vítězslav
M.Höckner/A.Pichler 2 Höckner Michael, Pichler Anton
M.Loiperdinger/G.Maier 2 Loiperdinger Maria, Maier Gabriele
M.Mašín/T.Neumann 2 Mašín Milan, Neumann Tomáš
NO 1 Bjerke Tom
O.Olishkevych/I.Rymar 2 Olishkevych Oleksandr, Rymar Igor
P.Alenbring/M.Strandberg 2 Alenbring Peter, Strandberg Morten
P.Babka/T.Bjerke 2 Babka Patrick, Bjerke Tom
P.Mareš/R.Štěpánek 2 Mareš Petr, Štěpánek Roman
R.Brandner/T.Kirchberger 2 Brandner Robert, Kirchberger Thomas
R.Fišer/Z.Poruba 2 Fišer Roman, Poruba Zdenek
R.Haider/J.Stopfner 2 Haider Rudolf, Stopfner Josef
R.Herčík/L.Levý 2 Herčík Roman, Levý Lukáš
R.Hingsamer/B.Rehrl 2 Hingsamer Rainer, Rehrl Bernhard
S.Mayer/F.Müller 2 Mayer Sven, Müller Florian
SE 1 Alenbring Peter
T.Bican/Z.Kocman 2 Bican Tomáš, Kocman Zdeněk
T.Cupák/P.Kylar 2 Cupák Tomáš, Kylar Petr Okenko
UA 2 Olishkevych Oleksandr, Rymar Igor
W.Busch/M.Schug 2 Busch Waldemar, Schug Martin
Y.Hollsten/L.Rolli 2 Hollsten Yasmine, Rolli Laura
No. of team in list: 50


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